Holiday Season Blogging Vacation

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Hello to everyone this fine December day :-)

I’ve been taking it a bit easy this holiday season, scaling back on my schedule in the spirit of a relaxed holiday. Hope you’re able to have a little time extra for yourself and loved ones too this Christmas season. You might have noticed I’ve been doing a little sprucing up around the old blog ;-). Nothing too drastic, just a few formatting changes to make things easier to read and share.

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Is Your Kitchen Ready to Cook?

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Coming into the holiday season we are all spending at least a little more time in the kitchen. I’m spending a lot more time in the kitchen this week and I’ll bet you are too :-). I thought I’d take a few minutes today to check in with everyone with a reminder of the importance of keeping your kitchen ready to cook.

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White Country Gravy

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This is the simplest gravy ever! Southern kitchens particulary here in Texas serve this white country gravy up with just about everything. Most commonly you’ll see it served with Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Fried Chicken, oh, er, or just about anything fried ;-). It’s delicious on mashed potatoes or rice. Gives pretty much everything a little added kick.

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A Guide to Picking Recipes for the Absolute Beginner

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Is this the stuff of nightmares for you? You spot a mouth watering recipe on Pinterest. It’s from scratch, a real, real-food recipe so you’re pretty excited! Your gonna make this one yourself! You go to the store, get the stuff, come back and start working but that beautiful recipe turns out like this:

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Chicken and Dumplings

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This is some real old-fashioned Granny goodness here! Does it get more down-home than Chicken and Dumplings? I don’t think so. Now, while this dish isn’t a super quick meal it is super easy to make. No tricks here just follow the steps and you’ve got it.

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Are Visions of Halloween Candy Binges Haunting You?

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It’s that time of year where all the kiddos look forward to that night of all nights, second only to Christmas, Halloween night and Trick or Treating! I’ll bet that as a real food eating parent you look to this night with some degree of anxiety. You’ve spend a lot of time and energy learning all about how all that candy your kids will be gifted with during their Halloween night rounds is very very bad for them. While the night with the kids, the costumes and the carnival atmosphere is something you look forward to, the candy part isn’t. At least not since you learned about real food.

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Wait! Don’t Throw Out All the Processed Food at Once!

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It’s easy to think that without the food you no longer wish to eat around to tempt everyone that they’ll just have to eat all the healthy stuff you’re planning to buy to replace it. It’s easy to imagine that sure, there will be a little complaining but they will soon get adjusted. And you as the head cook and bottle washer, well you’ve got a list of recipes and plans of the things you’ll make with all the good ingredients you’re about to buy. It’ll be so great they won’t miss their favorites for long at all.

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Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

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This is a great filling savory dish that is easy to make. You pretty much just put everything in the crockpot turn it on and forget about it all day. Then when you get home make the sauce, make some rice or noodles, a buttered veggie and you’re done!

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Cream of Broccoli Soup

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People want simple recipes, old-fashioned recipes, things that Granny would have made. Ask and you shall receive! This week we begin a series of dinner-time recipes designed for you to use for step #2 in The Granny Plan. In this step you will begin by making dinner at home one night each week and gradually build up to having dinner on the table 5 nights a week.

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Whole Grains Have a Sketchy Past

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Have you considered that historically people ate grains that weren’t really whole grains? Nor were they completely refined in the modern sense? That perhaps the traditional processing of grains was done with the goal of a highly refined product but that goal could not be reached given the technology? So throughout history people ate grains that were somewhere in-between modern bleached enriched flours and rough coarse 100% whole grain flour? My research leads me to believe that this is the case.

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Is Science a Reliable Guide to What to Eat?

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How do we as modern people make decisions about what to eat? Is it a reasoned methodical process, somewhat like the scientific method? Or is it a little looser than that … something more like we heard this or that tidbit from a friend, or from TV or read it in a book or found it on a website. And out of all those found bits of knowledge combined with bits of advertising and our personal preferences we work out a way of eating that suits us, something we feel comfortable with?
Are we relying on science to inform our decisions? Or is it really much more mixed than that?

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Feel Bad About Eating White Rice?

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I’m here to tell ‘ya that you can feel good about eating white rice again! I’ve never cared much for brown rice and I bet you feel much the same. I’ve had maybe one or two good plates of brown rice in a lifetime. Most brown rice in the US is rancid long before it gets to you. That’s why it generally tastes rather bitter not nutty as it should if it were fresh.

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Why Granny’s Vital Vittles Exists

Every now and then in the life of a blog there comes a turning point. A place in time where decisions must be made and things arranged and rearranged to help make things clear. I think I’m at one of those points now. I want to be sure y’all understand why I write about real food. I don’t think I’ve made that very clear.

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Is Your Doctor a Nutrition Expert?

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Sure, he’s clearly been thru years of training to prepare him for a medical career. But did that training include nutrition? Shockingly, most of the time the answer is no, it did not. At least not training of any meaningful depth. Did you know that you could learn everything the average doctor knows about nutrition in one long weekend of study?

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