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Mrs Henrietta Stanley Dull

Mrs Henrietta Stanley Dull

Henrietta Stanley Dull was  born at the closing of the Civil War in 1864.   Like most families in South Georgia, her family experienced deprivation as a result of the fighting. The Stanley family learned to get along by carefully husbanding what food they had available.

Henrietta’s mother died while she was still young and she took on her household responsibilities.  After marriage to Samuel Rice Dull and a move to Atlanta, she was widowed in her 30s with six children to rear. So Mrs. Dull started to cook for a living, selling angel food cakes.  Before long she was catering parties.

In 1920 Henrietta Dull became editor of the home economics page in the magazine section of The Atlanta Journal.  She wrote “Southern Cooking” at the request of her readers.  The 1941 edition sold 150,000 copies. From then on, her opinion was valued on items related to food until her death at 100.


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