My Routine: I’m adding a Refrigerator Sourdough

Thumbnail image for My Routine: I’m adding a Refrigerator Sourdough This week marks the first edition of a new feature here at Mrs Dull’s Nourished Kitchen called “My Routine”. For those who have read and are working thru the steps in “10 Steps to Cooking Like a Modern Day Granny Woman” this is a place to talk about bringing these new Real Food routines into your life and household. I am so excited to have a regular home where we can talk about these changes we are making in our lives! If you don’t have your copy yet, simply subscribe to the email list using the box on the right and you’ll receive one.…
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Whole Wheat Buttermilk Soaked Biscuit Recipe

Thumbnail image for Whole Wheat Buttermilk Soaked Biscuit Recipe Biscuits are one of the quintessential southern breads, second only to cornbread. The making of biscuits is a skill that all good southern cooks should master. Nothing is more delightful with dinner or breakfast than a light flaky biscuit with homemade butter or gravy. And it’s a great boon to the cook that biscuits are quick and easy to make. The secret to good biscuits is in the mixing. You should only mix just enough to blend the ingredients taking care to mix no further. Over mixing will develop gluten and result in a tough chewy biscuit. I find that folding the dough a few times before cutting the biscuits helps make for a fluffier whole wheat biscuit.…
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