White Country Gravy

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This is the simplest gravy ever! Southern kitchens particulary here in Texas serve this white country gravy up with just about everything. Most commonly you’ll see it served with Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Fried Chicken, oh, er, or just about anything fried ;-). It’s delicious on mashed potatoes or rice. Gives pretty much everything a little added kick.

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Mashed Potatoes Like Grandma Made ‘em

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This recipe is really, really easy! I know you’ve heard that mashed potatoes from scratch, with the peeling and the boiling and the mashing is hard and takes forever. Probably the source of this wacky rumor was the instant potato industry ;-). Truth is mashed potatoes are super easy and pretty fail safe.… That’s why they were a staple on Grandma’s table. They have the bonus of being nutritious, filling and very affordable. And they are sure to please!

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Spanish Rice from a Southern Kitchen

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Do you love the rice served at mexican restaurants? I do! Bet you never would have expected a recipe for it to turn up in a vintage southern cookbook! I expected it though, since I saw it often on our table at home. It also seemed to turn up a lot at the neighbor’s houses when I was a kid in Alabama.
Spanish rice was a staple dish in our home. Not a week went by that we didn’t have this as a side for dinner, minus the red pepper and onion.…

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Simple Summer Side Dishes – Raw Sliced Tomatoes

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Simple sliced tomatoes, does it get any better? The earliest tomatoes are starting to show up here in central Texas! This is my personal favorite local food event … The arrival of the first tomatoes!I generally only by tomatoes when they are in season in Texas which is about early April thru to the beginning of the August heat. They are so delicious as is it seems a shame to put them in a dish!
Side dishes don’t need to be fancy to be nutritious….

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Stovetop Beef Tallow French Fries

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Do you love french fries? To not love french fries is almost downright un-american. But I bet you feel pretty guilty about an occasional indulgence. With this recipe you can put that to rest. The only thing unhealthy about fries is the oil that they are almost universally cooked in. That is a hydrogenated vegetable oil. So we switch the oil and voilà, we have a healthy dish!
Beef tallow is the fat McDonald’s used to use for their french fries. They changed over to a vegetable fat in 1983 under pressure from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (read The oiling of America for more info ).…

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Black Eyed Peas the Traditional Southern Way

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This has to be my favorite comfort food. At one time I was making these in a pressure cooker to save time, or so I thought Making them in a slow cooker takes up much less of the cooks time and is far more nutritious. This is super simple and pretty much guaranteed to please.
For the sake of keeping with the original recipe today I made them on the stove.…

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Collard Greens Southern Style

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If the idea of eating your greens doesn’t excite you very much this recipe is for you. Greens are none too popular at our house. The men here will gladly eat only a handful of vegetables so I’m generally always working on broadening the range of veggies we eat. I think this recipe really fits the bill.
My Mom didn’t make greens … she didn’t care for them personally and neither did my Dad or sibs. So I’m new to greens. Over the past few years I’ve tried out a few modern recipes where the greens are sauteed in olive oil but found them bitter and hard to digest.…

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