Simple Recipes for the Good Enough Cook

Here you'll find easy to make recipes that Granny would have loved :-). Nothing too hard to make or too expensive either. Click on the links here if you're looking for something specific.

White Country Gravy

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This is the simplest gravy ever! Southern kitchens particulary here in Texas serve this white country gravy up with just about everything. Most commonly you’ll see it served with Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Fried Chicken, oh, er, or just about anything fried ;-). It’s delicious on mashed potatoes or rice. Gives pretty much everything a little added kick.

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Chicken and Dumplings

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This is some real old-fashioned Granny goodness here! Does it get more down-home than Chicken and Dumplings? I don’t think so. Now, while this dish isn’t a super quick meal it is super easy to make. No tricks here just follow the steps and you’ve got it.

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Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

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This is a great filling savory dish that is easy to make. You pretty much just put everything in the crockpot turn it on and forget about it all day. Then when you get home make the sauce, make some rice or noodles, a buttered veggie and you’re done!

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Cream of Broccoli Soup

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People want simple recipes, old-fashioned recipes, things that Granny would have made. Ask and you shall receive! This week we begin a series of dinner-time recipes designed for you to use for step #2 in The Granny Plan. In this step you will begin by making dinner at home one night each week and gradually build up to having dinner on the table 5 nights a week.

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Easy Pizza Rollups

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One of our fellow “Granny Plan” followers was asked by her family to make pizza as her first dish. Now pizza isn’t super-duper hard to make, but there is the issue of the crust. If you’re making the crust yourself it can take a little practice to get it down just right. Plus, it takes a bit more planning to have the dough soaked or fermented and ready for dinner. So while task-wise it isn’t the easiest first dish, taste-wise pizza is so popular it is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. So what to do?…

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Chicken Cacciatore Soup

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I’ve been on a soup jag lately. Must be the end of winter here in Texas that brought it on. I love soup and make it through the summer months but it is so much more delicious in the wintertime! This soup is one I make once or twice a month for a little variation on our usual chicken rice soup. My sister made a fabulous chicken cacciatore when I was a kid … a very fond memory. I came up with the recipe as a way to enjoy those flavors, but with the convenience of a fairly quick soup. My big sister’s recipe had a day long cook time, but this soup takes about 40 minutes of pure cooking time, where the cook doesn’t need to do much.…

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Easy Beef Vegetable and Rice Soup

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This soup is an easy to make wintertime favorite. If you keep both broth and cooked beef in the freezer you can whip up a batch of this rich satisfying soup in no time flat! I save the bits of meat from soup bones in the freezer just for this dish. Sometimes I have some extra browned ground beef frozen instead. I make it often for lunch when I’m working at home. It’s a pretty satisfying dinner soup too.…

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Chicken Nuggets – Easy and Kid Friendly

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Look on any kid’s menu at any restaurant in North America and what will you find? Chicken Nuggets! Hard to believe that this dish hardly existed before fast food engineers came up with it. And of course, all the chicken nuggets you get in these restaurants are bad for you. They are all fried at a high temperature in hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. And let’s not even talk about the source of the meat!…

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Easy to Make Sauerkraut

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I live in the Sausage Capital of Texas. Little Elgin, now basically a suburb of Austin with a strong rural feel, is a railroad town in a part of Texas heavy with German immigrants. With the immigrants came the sausage Elgin is famous for and of course, sauerkraut.
Now, I can safely say I’d never really had sauerkraut before I started making it myself :-). All I’d ever tasted was that canned stuff 60′s housewives used to buy for wiener roasts on hot Saturday afternoons. Always hated that stuff. So you may wonder why I ever decided to go thru the trouble to make sauerkraut the old-fashioned way after that experience.…

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Mashed Potatoes Like Grandma Made ‘em

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This recipe is really, really easy! I know you’ve heard that mashed potatoes from scratch, with the peeling and the boiling and the mashing is hard and takes forever. Probably the source of this wacky rumor was the instant potato industry ;-). Truth is mashed potatoes are super easy and pretty fail safe.… That’s why they were a staple on Grandma’s table. They have the bonus of being nutritious, filling and very affordable. And they are sure to please!

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Throw out that mix! Super Easy Hot Chocolate

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Look ya’ll, I don’t have much time. I know you don’t either so let’s make this quick ;-).
Are you looking for quick pick-me-up drink for cold weather days? Sick of coffee or just want replace with something that is actually good for you rather than just kinda neutral maybe even bad for you? Want to pass on the hot chocolate mixes filled with unpronounceable ingredients? I suggest real hot chocolate made very simply with real milk, cocoa powder and honey!… Just 3 ingredients so it’s super easy!

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Healthy White Cake – Success!

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Last week I posted an attempt at changing up Mrs Dull’s wonderful old-fashioned white cake to a healthier version that went badly awry. This week I’ve made a second pass at it and we have — Success!
Since a lack of moisture for soaking was the source of my overzealous addition of buttermilk I decided to switch to honey as my sweetener. But in addition to that, I can get honey much cheaper than sucanet and it’s local too! Double bonus points! So I’d rather use the honey. I bumped up the baking powder just a touch and added 1/2 cup of water.…

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Healthy White Cake – Fail!

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This sad, sad cake is definitely not… Mrs Dull’s cake. Mrs. Dull’s version of this cake is delicious and decidedly old fashioned. I’ve made her version many times and it’s wonderful! Back in the day when people ate less sugar overall, cakes were not as sweet as they are now. So relative to a modern cake recipe these old recipes are already an improvement! And if the modern cake is from a box mix, even more so since we’ll be leaving out all the additives and hydrogenated oils. And I think it’s even, even better than buying a cake at the store.

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My Routine: I’m adding a Refrigerator Sourdough

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This week marks the first edition of a new feature here at Mrs Dull’s Nourished Kitchen called “My Routine”. For those who have read and are working thru the steps in “10 Steps to Cooking Like a Modern Day Granny Woman” this is a place to talk about bringing these new Real Food routines into your life and household. I am so excited to have a regular home where we can talk about these changes we are making in our lives! If you don’t have your copy yet, simply subscribe to the email list using the box on the right and you’ll receive one.…

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