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Here you'll find all my posts designed to help in finding the best possible ingredients for your budget. I hope you'll find it helpful in sorting through the toxic food maze.

Whole Grains Have a Sketchy Past

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Have you considered that historically people ate grains that weren’t really whole grains? Nor were they completely refined in the modern sense? That perhaps the traditional processing of grains was done with the goal of a highly refined product but that goal could not be reached given the technology? So throughout history people ate grains that were somewhere in-between modern bleached enriched flours and rough coarse 100% whole grain flour? My research leads me to believe that this is the case.

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Feel Bad About Eating White Rice?

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I’m here to tell ‘ya that you can feel good about eating white rice again! I’ve never cared much for brown rice and I bet you feel much the same. I’ve had maybe one or two good plates of brown rice in a lifetime. Most brown rice in the US is rancid long before it gets to you. That’s why it generally tastes rather bitter not nutty as it should if it were fresh.

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The Best Fruits and Vegetables You Can Afford

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When you think of healthy eating what does your mind visualize? If you’re like most people it is a pile of fresh fruits and vegetables in glorious variety! And, wow does this ever make for a gorgeous picture. Who doesn’t feel inspired to eat well after imagining that? Most likely your mind moves on to imagining beautiful salads along with a few lightly steamed sides with lush sauces. These kinds of dishes are very popular on cookings shows and that makes sense. TV is a visual medium and these dishes look so good you just want to jump thru the screen and grab them :-).…

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Grassfed Beef is Best

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Practically everyone eats beef, except vegetarians :-). Most of us have very little idea of how that beef was raised. What I’ve found researching this post is that there is even more confusion than I expected. Keep clearly in mind though that cows are fed and brought to slaughter very differently now than they were in Grandma’s day.… Since World War II cattle are generally grain finished, a very unhealthy diet for the cow. And that’s only part of the story.

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Eat More Eggs – Easy to Make Affordable Nutrition

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There is nothing more down-home delicious than a breakfast of eggs. Just picture it: Think of Granny’s house in the fifties. Imagine it’s early in the morning and the kids are not up yet. But Granny is and she’s getting breakfast ready. Is it cold cereal? Is it granola? Is it even yogurt or a smoothie? Nope, it’s eggs, always eggs! Now don’t get me wrong there may have been some yogurt, cereal or a grapefruit on the table. But these were side-dishes to the main event, eggs! And bacon, sausage or even steak.…

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A Little Something about Beans

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking a lot about how to save money on your real food bill. There can hardly be a better place to start when considering ways to fit real food nutrition into your budget than the humble bean.…

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Choosing Flour – Are Whole Grain Flours Traditional?

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When we think of Grandma in the kitchen cookin’ up something good, that something good probably involves flour. Yet, people know very little about flour. How it’s made, how long it keeps or how to care for it. There are many shades of difference for the sake of flavor or cooking characteristics but for today’s post we’ll stick with learning more about the differences that affect health. The common understanding about health and flour goes something like this: whole grain is good, white flour is bad. This is overly simplistic.… I thought a post going over the finer details would be helpful :-).

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Buttermilk – A Staple in Grandma’s Kitchen

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Did you have buttermilk in your home when you were growing up? I think we did only on special occasions and holidays. Mom had a few recipes she made during these times that my Grandmother had also made. So buttermilk didn’t feature prominently in our families diet when I was a kid. But it did feature prominently in Grandma’s cooking. I had often wondered why the popularity but not looked into it very much until I started learning more about real food cookery. With that I’ve come to understand why it’s popular.…

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Why Choose Beef Tallow?

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Before entering into the world of real food you most likely never heard the words beef tallow before. Lard yes, beef tallow no. That is unless you’re:

Really interested in history.
Went to cooking school.
Getting on in years ;-).

So I thought we’d talk a little about beef tallow, what it is and how to use it.…

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Grandma Used Cod Liver Oil – Why You Should Too

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What do you think of when you think of cod liver oil? Images of kids scurrying and hiding in all parts of the house? Mother with a stern look on her face holding out a spoon to a kid with a screwed-up disgusted expression? Most of us have no personal experience with cod liver oil prior to beginning a real foods diet. Our knowledge of cod liver oil comes from cartoons and old movies and, if we are older, stories from our parents childhoods. But cod liver oil was a part of daily life prior to the fifties. It is another part of our food heritage that is disappearing down the memory hole….

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Simple Summer Side Dishes – Raw Sliced Tomatoes

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Simple sliced tomatoes, does it get any better? The earliest tomatoes are starting to show up here in central Texas! This is my personal favorite local food event … The arrival of the first tomatoes!I generally only by tomatoes when they are in season in Texas which is about early April thru to the beginning of the August heat. They are so delicious as is it seems a shame to put them in a dish!
Side dishes don’t need to be fancy to be nutritious….

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Local Honey is the Best Honey

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We, all of us have a sweet tooth, don’t we? Nature has fitted us with a strong drive to find the sweet in our food. In nature, sweet flavors are a bit rare and hard to come by. But in our foodscape sweet taste is abundant and cheap. Not only the inexpensive granular sugar which has been available in the west since the 18th century is widely available, but also aspartame, saccharine, and now sucralose or splenda. These sweeteners are all found in a wide variety of processed foods. And so our drive for sweetness is a major source of illness in our culture.…

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How to Make Butter at Home

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First, let me say that butter is super simple to make. Ridiculously simple and foolproof. Everyone has seen pictures of great grandma slaving away at the butter churn, sweating buckets. From that we’ve all picked up the idea that butter is hard. Making butter manually is a bit tiring, though not exhausting. But making butter using a mixer, blender or food processor is easy peasy and not the least bit tiring. If Granny was making all her own butter without the help of modern tools we can make all our own butter too if we choose. At minimum all you need is a supply of cream.…

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Butter – Getting the best quality you can afford

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Butter butter everywhere and not a drop that’s real! Ever feel that way staring at the refrigerated section at the supermarket? Diana at Eat More Butter definitely has. Foodie at Kitchen Drawer Online took a series of pictures showing that only about 10% of the butter-like food items in the refrigerated section is actually butter…! The remainder is margarine.
Butter quality matters! Beyond the basics of simply avoiding margarine which contains hydrogenated fats, it’s important to find the most vitamin rich – least likely to be adulterated butter you can get your hands on. We’re going to talk about the determining different levels of quality in order to make the best possible quality decision each time we reach for butter.

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