How to Make Butter at Home

Thumbnail image for How to Make Butter at Home First, let me say that butter is super simple to make. Ridiculously simple and foolproof. Everyone has seen pictures of great grandma slaving away at the butter churn, sweating buckets. From that we’ve all picked up the idea that butter is hard. Making butter manually is a bit tiring, though not exhausting. But making butter using a mixer, blender or food processor is easy peasy and not the least bit tiring. If Granny was making all her own butter without the help of modern tools we can make all our own butter too if we choose. At minimum all you need is a supply of cream.…
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Butter – Getting the best quality you can afford

Thumbnail image for Butter – Getting the best quality you can afford Butter butter everywhere and not a drop that’s real! Ever feel that way staring at the refrigerated section at the supermarket? Diana at Eat More Butter definitely has. Foodie at Kitchen Drawer Online took a series of pictures showing that only about 10% of the butter-like food items in the refrigerated section is actually butter! The remainder is margarine. Butter quality matters! Beyond the basics of simply avoiding margarine which contains hydrogenated fats, it’s important to find the most vitamin rich – least likely to be adulterated butter you can get your hands on. We’re going to talk about the determining different levels of quality in order to make the best possible quality decision each time we reach for butter.…
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Whey – Miss Muffet’s Favorite!

Thumbnail image for Whey – Miss Muffet’s Favorite! When you were a kid, did you ever wonder what Miss Muffet was eating? Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and whey; Along came a spider, Who sat down beside her And frightened Miss Muffet away. I know I did … sure didn’t sound like anything I had ever heard of. So I did a little investigation like a good little Nancy Drew. My brothers didn’t know, my friends didn’t know, but my mother she knew what it was! She said it was soured milk that had separated. Eeeewwww! Was Miss Muffet crazy! Then I promptly forgot about the whole thing and went back to play with my cats.…
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