Which Potato Do You Buy?

Thumbnail image for Which Potato Do You Buy? Let's talk potatoes shall we? The lowly dietary staple that everyone and his brother runs down as the unhealthiest thing ever. So simple, so ordinary we use it to describe lazy people ( couch potatoes ) or plain eaters ( meat and potato kinda-guy ). That potato. Let's just say straight out of the gate that I adore potatoes in just about any form. And I firmly disagree with any notion that they are unhealthy in any way. That isn't what I want to talk about today. Nope, not at all. I want to talk about the processing of good healthy food into stuff that isn't as healthy and costs a mega-truckload more to buy using the lowly potato as an example.
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The Best Fruits and Vegetables You Can Afford

Thumbnail image for The Best Fruits and Vegetables You Can Afford When you think of healthy eating what does your mind visualize? If you’re like most people it is a pile of fresh fruits and vegetables in glorious variety! And, wow does this ever make for a gorgeous picture. Who doesn’t feel inspired to eat well after imagining that? Most likely your mind moves on to imagining beautiful salads along with a few lightly steamed sides with lush sauces. These kinds of dishes are very popular on cookings shows and that makes sense. TV is a visual medium and these dishes look so good you just want to jump thru the screen and grab them :-).…
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Simple Summer Side Dishes – Raw Sliced Tomatoes

Thumbnail image for Simple Summer Side Dishes – Raw Sliced Tomatoes Simple sliced tomatoes, does it get any better? The earliest tomatoes are starting to show up here in central Texas! This is my personal favorite local food event … The arrival of the first tomatoes!I generally only by tomatoes when they are in season in Texas which is about early April thru to the beginning of the August heat. They are so delicious as is it seems a shame to put them in a dish! Side dishes don’t need to be fancy to be nutritious.…
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