Granny’s Crazy Quilt of Love – November 2012

Crazy Quilt

by Kathy | Disclosure

Today I’m beginning a new feature here on Granny’s Vital Vittles!

During the course of a month I come across so many interesting posts that I’d like to share with you. So many things I find I just love! Generally, I try to include a few in every post that are related. But always there are a few that just don’t fit in with my subject matter. So, I thought I’d follow in the footsteps of many other real food bloggers and offer you a post with my favorites for November :-). So let’s get to it!

On healthcare and taking care of yourself

My Cultured Palate discusses curing tooth decay in this excellent post. I find that if I do develop a soft spot on my teeth they quickly reverse since improving my diet. All I need to do is bump up my nutrient levels a bit, take a little more vitamin k and cod liver oil. I’ve had a significant amount of tooth decay beginning in childhood so this is big for me!

I mention calories sometimes in my writing. I think the idea of calories is valuable only in figuring a ratio of nutrient density to amount of food eaten. Calories shouldn’t be used to restrict food intake, as this post from Empowered Sustenance emphasizes. Calorie consciousness distorts your relationship with food.

So many foods advertised as healthy are most decidedly unhealthy! Thank Your Body gives you the scoop!

Kitchen Rag shared the touching testimonial of a RN on the effects of the healthcare system on older folks.

Real Food Eater talks over why her family doesn’t get the flu shot. I’m all with you on this one!

And last but not least, My Gutsy takes on the controversial idea of eating raw meat. I don’t eat any raw meat myself, though I’ve been eating my meat more rare these days. Most cultures have a least one dish composed mostly of raw meat and raw meat is decidedly traditional. So I keep it mind for future improvements :-).


So many gorgeous recipes this month! I paired it down to a few here that I’d like to try.

Now, kefir is one I’ve made many times. Nourished Kitchen instructions here show just how to make milk kefir.

We have fabulous soups and stews like cheese and vegetable chowder and venison stew. Gonna need to step up my efforts to find venison!

Then there’s paleo cornbread muffins which caught my eye since I adore cornbread but am hesitant about most cornmeal. And these are just the thing for the little packet of blueberries I got recently from the farm.

Then for a few sweet holiday treats to keep up your sleeve we have silky banana bread bites for holiday breakfasts. I just loved Butter Believer’s idea of mini apple pies! And for a nice hot winter drink treat we have honey caramel apple cider. For something lightly sweetened with fruit we have savory cranberry sauce.

Drink up those Thanksgiving bones with a few suggestions from Food with Kid Appeal on cooking those turkey bones. I cook down my turkey bones in my crockpot each year and use the meat and broth to make a traditional southern dish called creamed turkey. Doesn’t look like much in the pictures but believe me it has them lining up for seconds!

There were some excellent instruction and tips posts this month too. Coconut Mama show us how to render animal fat in a crock pot. And Oh Lardy has some great reminders of ways to use fermented foods.


I don’t talk much about parenting here since this site is all about old-fashioned food and it’s health benefits. Every now and then I’m tempted though to share a few thoughts. I’ll let these ladies do the talking for me :-).

As the parent of one homeschooled child I can tell you that homeschooling doesn’t take up as much time as people tend to think. This is particularly true when they are teens.

Ah, the memories of happy summer days running around barefoot all day every day! Shoes were completely optional when I was growing up, May to September I doubt I wore shoes unless I was going to the movies or into a store :-). This post from Unmistakably Food brings it all back.

Holistic Squid reminds me why adhering rigidly to a parenting philosophy, any philosophy is a bad idea. Kids are unique and each one requires that you negotiate your relationship with this little person on a one-by-one basis. And that the needs of the family as a whole must be considered when making decisions. Anything else is just unsustainable.

Events and News

I was shocked and saddened this month to hear from Real Food Suomi of what is happening with butter in Scandinavia!

This month I also discovered this post from Fearless Eating sharing this fantastic overview of the life of Weston Price along with his thoughts and impressions on the Weston Price conference in Dallas last year. I so wanted to go to this!

Natural Home, Beauty and Kitchen Tools

Meghan at Whole Natural Life shared her experience trying the curly girl hair method of natural care. I’ve tried this too though my hair just barely qualifies as wavy. Using the full method I discovered some ringlet curls!

Learning and Yearning shares her thoughts on the safety of using cast iron pans. As an advocate of cast iron cookery I think everyone should examine the evidence for safety and make up their own minds. Personally, I feel that since cast iron cookware has to be the most common cookware in use worldwide throughout history it is traditional. Populations worldwide have thrived while eating food cooked in cast iron. This concern about too much iron in the diet is very modern. Enough said :-).

And I discovered Alex Lewin’s book Real Food Fermentation What a gorgeous book!

I know there were so many others that have slipped through the cracks. What did you find that you loved in November?

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Ariana {And Here We Are...} December 4, 2012 at 11:37 am

Thanks for including my recipe for venison stew! I wonder if you have any hunters in your area that you could work out a barter with for meat…

Kathy December 4, 2012 at 11:45 am

That’s what I was thinking Ariana :-)

Yolanda Breidenbaugh December 9, 2012 at 8:23 pm

If you were to read this book, you might change your mind about eating raw or rare meat. Truly. It can be dangerous these days.

Kathy December 9, 2012 at 9:44 pm

If you’re planning to eat raw meat I agree you need to be very sure of your source, that the animal was fed properly, well cared for and processed correctly. I think My Gutsy brings that out in her post on the subject.

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