The Granny Plan: 12 Steps to Everyday Home Cooking

The Granny Plan
12 Steps to Everyday Home Cooking
The steps in “The Granny Plan” are guaranteed to get you cooking real food for your family Every Single Day.

I write about real food because I dearly want to see a world where all of us are eating real food for every meal. Not every now and then but all of the time. Just like in Granny’s day. The Granny Plan is the heart of my modest efforts to make that happen. It’s all about incrementally getting more real food into your life.

Eating real food isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. No, it’s all about getting more real food into your family, not about doing it 100% right straight out of the gate! We all need to work at making each day a little better than the day before. The Granny Plan can help you do that!

It’s hard to eat real food absolutely 100% of the time … I know, ’cause I don’t eat real food for every meal. There are many obstacles of which I’m sure you’re well aware. First, most people don’t understand what they are eating. Next, once people understand that there are problems with most of the commercially available foods there is the difficulty of changing lifelong habits and routines, dealing with objections from family and friends, and of course the expense, perceived or real of wholesome food. Then there’s learning to cook, and learning to make cooking a part of your daily routine in the face of considerable time pressures.

I wrote The Granny Plan because I felt that a structured system could make a huge difference in overcoming these obstacles.

Let’s take a peek at what’s inside the book:

Chapter 1: What is Healthy Food?

  • Everything You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong!
  • The Gold Standard
  • What is a Traditional Diet?
  • These Big Changes Coincide With a Huge Increase in Modern Diseases
  • What Should We Be Eating Then?
  • Granny in the Modern World

Chapter 2: What’s it Like to Be Granny?

  • Granny Made All Her Food From Scratch
  • Granny Ran Her Home, not Proctor and Gamble
  • Granny Took Care of Herself, Her Family and Her Neighbors
  • Granny Knew the Secret of Contentment
  • Granny in the Modern World, Part deux

Chapter 3: So You Wanna Be a Modern Granny Woman

  • What We Need Is a Plan
  • What The Granny Plan Is and Isn’t
  • How to Use this Book

12 Steps to Real Food Mastery

  • Step 1: It All Starts with Buttered Carrots
  • Step 2: Our First Main Dish
  • Step 3: Clean as You Go
  • Step 4: Feed Yourself First
  • Step 5: Eliminate One Fake Food
  • Step 6: What Can I Improve in 15 Minutes?
  • Step 7: Startup a Real Food Project
  • Step 8: Building a Real Food Pantry
  • Step 9: Do You Have Kitchen Gaps?
  • Step 10: List Your Routines
  • Step 11: Expand Your Real Food Knowledge
  • Step 12: Find Your Real Food Tribe

What people are saying about
The Granny Plan

“Your Granny Plan ebook is revolutionizing my kitchen. I’ve always been so daunted, overwhelmed and depressed about cooking. Now it’s becoming so easy: buttered vegetables, protein… simple, delicious, easy. I really needed that! I used to open the fridge an hour before dinner, tired (of course), and see all the food and just feel stuck not knowing what to make or how to put it together (except a small handful of recipes I’ve memorized). Now it’s so easy! Your book is like the Rosetta Stone of the fridge for me. Thank you!!”Dawn of

“The Granny Plan is a no nonsense book … liberates and energises you to get wholesome, nutrient dense foods back into your lives, actually living with a traditional diet and being cleaner and healthier than before. Makes being a ‘Granny in the Modern World’ something to strive towards.”Louise of

The Granny Plan PLUS NEW Material

Many of you have been following along with The Granny Plan on my website and may be wondering what’s new or different in the book. I’ve added 50+ new pages of detail to the plan, including a concise description of what a Granny diet looks like and some further detail on some of the trickier-to-do steps.