Introducing a New Real Food Site Search Portal!

Life Before Google

by Kathy | Disclosure

What if you could do a Google search on Real Food websites and ONLY Real Food websites? That would save so very much time wouldn’t it? No more sorting thru recipes for bad ingredients … you could quickly get right to exactly what you were looking for!

Dream no more, such a portal exists! I’ve built a Google search of ONLY Real Food websites! I’m so excited, can you tell ;-). I’ve included about 30+ sites so far and am still adding. Let me know in the comments below if your Real Food site isn’t showing up in the results.

Click this link to go to the

Real Food Site Search Portal

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lives just outside of Austin with her husband of 20 years Barry, youngest son Jake, three cats and about a dozen chickens. She has another older son and a beautiful daughter-in-law who live in Austin. While not a Grandma yet, with two grown kids she remains hopeful. Kathy wants a world where everyone has fresh wholesome food and feels that cookin' like a granny woman is the surest way to get there.

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