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Vintage Food Groups

By old-fashioned food I mean the kind of food your grandparents sat down to feast on every single day of their lives.

You already know that good food can lead to big improvements in your health. You’ve probably also heard that old-fashioned diets like your grandparents are very, very bad for you. I’m here to to tell you that is not the case! Like most folks these days you are probably confused about what good food is after years of hearing contradictory advice. A good diet is a traditional diet. Traditional real food diets are about coming home to eating the way mankind has always eaten. It’s about ignoring the fountain of advice in favor of what has always worked! So let’s start by clearing up a few questions.

If you’re not sure what is healthy to eat anymore …

Everything you know about healthy eating is wrong!

Shocking, I know. The media generally promotes the USDA standards for healthy eating. These government standards are far off the mark and will result in illness, not health. To eat well and be healthy we need to eat traditionally, as people as have eaten since time immemorial. This means we must avoid all newfangled foods. Many if not most foods promoted as healthy are newfangled and decidedly unhealthy.

Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Allergy are largely modern diseases.

These modern plagues are related to diets heavy with calories from denatured hydrogenated vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates. Modern diets are filled with these foods. To stay healthy we must eat plenty of healthy fats … the fats our ancestors ate like lard, tallow and butter and avoid vegetable oils in large quantities. We must also reduce and eliminate refined sugars and flours from our diets.

Eat nutrient-rich foods to be healthy!

Grandma knew this when she insisted her family eat liver once a week. She knew it when she made every child in the house drink their milk every day. And when she made sacrifices to buy good quality cod liver oil for her children. And when she restricted deserts to a small treat offered after you were already stuffed with nutritious food. And when she forbid snacking in-between meals as “a waste of a good appetite”. Grandma was just doing as she had been taught and as all other mothers did. Eating a nutritious three square meals a day was just common sense!

If you’re not sure what real food is …

Real fats like butter, lard, tallow, coconut oil and olive oil.

Switching your family over to wholesome real fats is the single most important step you can take in improving the health of your family.  Learn more →

Fresh raw or fermented dairy from grassfed cattle.

Prior to the 50’s most milk, butter and cheese was raw or simply fermented. Pasteurized milk existed but grandma would have had to seek it out. The milkman usually brought raw milk, butter and cheeses prepared at the dairy farm. At the farm the dairy cows ate grass not grains most of the time.   Learn more →

Meat from healthy animals living as nature intended.

Cattle lived on pasture. Pigs lived in the sun in fenced yards or were pastured. Chickens roamed freely around the farmhouse. Sheep grazed in green pastures. Sadly, this is no longer generally the case.  Learn more →

Fruit and vegetables garden fresh or fermented as preserves or pickles.

Most old folks I knew as a kid kept large gardens, a family tradition they never considered breaking with even after the flood of produce in the supermarkets. Garden fresh tasted better and they knew it was healthier too! More nutritious and without the nasty chemicals farmers had started spraying on their crops after World War II.  Learn more →

If you’re not sure how you’ll afford real food …

You may be thinking, this all sounds great but really, really expensive! Seems that way I know, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, if you’re smart about it.

Read my Real Food Economics 101 posts for ideas and inspiration.

Real food needn’t be expensive food. Many families are preparing real food for their families with less expense than families eating the usual supermarket fare.

The first step is finding real food at the supermarket.

Read my Real Food at Walmart series even if you shop somewhere else. It’s a tour of an average grocery store with real food in mind. Kinda a how-to on becoming a real food ninja in your local supermarket. This will get you started on the first really big step in moving to a real food diet.

If you’re not sure you can cook real food …

Cooking from scratch is whole lot easier than you’ve been led to believe.

Advertising and cooking shows have done a number on everyone making us all believe cooking from raw ingredients is really difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like most things in life cooking from scratch requires a bit of attention and experience. With that under your belt you’ll be a good enough cook in no time.

You don’t need to meet gourmet standards to cook wholesome food for your family.

Good enough cooking is a standard far easier to meet than the lavish dishes seen in magazines and served up on the Food Network. Grandma didn’t always make meals fit for company and you don’t have to either. Granny’s meals were always filling and nutritious as the first priority.

Scratch cooking takes less time than it seems.

Cooking without convenient shortcuts takes far less time than the manufacturers of those shortcuts would have you believe. There are many things that require no prep at all and many more that take a few minutes of your time then you just let them finish up on their own.

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