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What Can I Improve in 15 Minutes?  - 12 Steps to Real Food Mastery

This step is all about thinking, just simply thinking.

No actual doing involved, unless of course you really want to :-). Everyday pose this question to yourself: “How can I improve our diet today in just 15 minutes?”

No commitment to do any of the things you think up is required, at least not right away. Just think up one of two that you believe you could realistically do in about 15 minutes. Things like finding a healthy version of a favorite recipe or researching sources for olive oil. Like clearing your counters or pre-preparing snacks. Jot down your ideas somewhere where you’ll see them often. You can do any of them whenever you are good and ready, or do none of them at all. All we’re committing to is thinking about them.

Do commit to thinking up one each day. Just thinking about it will get the wheels turning in the right direction. You’ll find you are scarcely able to restrain yourself from doing them all right away. If this week is a calm one pick one or two to do, but no more for this week … we want to ramp up slowly. After that you can take them at whatever pace you like. The idea is to make a habit of thinking of the things that need to be done in small chunks rather than large projects. Small chunks that can be done today and move you toward larger goals.

Do This …

  • Make a reminder for yourself to think up ideas for improvement every day.
  • Jot down your ideas somewhere you’ll see them often.
  • If you want to, do one or two today.

Remember this isn’t a to-do list, it’s an “ideas of things I might do someday maybe” list. We just want to have an easily accessible list of things that are quick to do that would move us along our Modern Granny Woman paths.

Also, this week to continue the previous weeks habits we will be adding:

  • Make one more dinner this week. That will bring us up to four!
  • Follow thru on your plan to eliminate the first fake food from last weeks step. Then pick another fake food to focus on this week.

This week we are:

  • Step 1 – Making buttered veggies every night.
  • Step 2 – Making a simple main dish four nights a week.
  • Step 3 – Clean up the kitchen as you go.
  • Step 4 – Taking care of ourselves by noticing times when you could be resting if you chose, keeping broth on hand and taking our cod liver oil .
  • Step 5 – Finding a second fake food in your kitchen and working out a plan to replace it.
  • Step 6 – Starting a list of short 15-minute things we can do to improve our diet. Come up with a new one every day. Act on them whenever you like.

So now we have 6 things going on we are exactly halfway there!

Let us know how it’s going in the comment section below. Is it easy to think of things to add? Share your ideas with us!

Just Getting Started?

This post is part of a series. It’s important to start with the first post and work your way thru step by step. If you’d like to get a general overview of where we’re going with “The Granny Plan” you can subscribe to my blog post update list and you’ll be able to download “10 Steps to Cooking Like a Modern Day Granny”. We’ll be very loosely following the steps in that booklet, adding and taking away as it feels right. There are a few steps I plan to change up, but I’ll leave that as a surprise ;-).

Links to the rest of the series:

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