Granny’s Vital Vittles is about old-fashioned food …

By old-fashioned food I mean the kind of food your grandparents sat down to feast on every single day of their lives.

You already know that good food can lead to big improvements in your health. You’ve probably also heard that old-fashioned diets like your grandparents are very, very bad for you. I’m here to to tell you that is not the case! Like most folks these days you are probably confused about what good food is after years of hearing contradictory advice. A good diet is a traditional diet. Traditional real food diets are about coming home to eating the way mankind has always eaten. It’s about ignoring the fountain of advice in favor of what has always worked!

It’s my hope that you’ll find these articles helpful in sorting out what is traditional food and what is not.

Affording Real Food


Straight Talk


Wholesome Ingredients